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Format: CD
Label: R.N.L.G. LLC
Catalog: 0262
Rel. Date: 12/31/2025
UPC: 710795202625

Cellski A.K.A. 2 Took [PA] [TBA]
Artist: Cellski
Format: CD
New: Not in stock

Formats and Editions


1. We Go Scrape
2. Turf Wars
3. I Gotta Get Away
4. Murder On My Mind - (with C-Bo)
5. Full Time Hustle - (with Killa Keise)
6. We Run This City - (with Twista & The Speedknot Mobstaz)
7. Cost To Shine
8. Baserocks - (with E-40)
9. We Run Shit - (with The Kila Squad)
10. Shit Is Real - (with Killa Keise)
11. You Don't Know What I Know - (with The Jacka)

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