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For over 20 years, The Decemberists have been one of the most original, daring, and thrilling American rock bands. Their distinctive brand of hyperliterate folk-rock set them apart from the start, releasing nine full-length albums that are unbound by genre and highly ambitious. Now the beloved indie band is back with their first new album in six years, As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again - not only the longest Decemberists album to date (and their first intentional, proper double-LP) but also their most empathetic and accessible, its 13 songs like semaphores of mutual recognition for our fraught times and faint hope. The first dozen songs are punchy, pithy gems all, reflections on mortality and loneliness, longing and cynicism, expectation and unease. The band animates them brilliantly, pushing out and pulling in at the perfect moments. John Moen practically dances beneath the jangle of opener “Burial Ground,” breathing the life into this song about spiraling toward the end. From the irrepressible “Oh No!" and guileless tenderness and absolute surrender of “All I Want Is You,” to the romantic ghost story that shimmers behind pedal steel in spite of the specter in "Long White Veil," these 12 songs alone would constitute a dazzling Decemberists album, rich with woe and love, anxiety and honesty. But a keening little choir and arid electric guitar invoke “Joan in the Garden,” the band’s first full-on prog escapade since The Crane Wife. Though rooted in doubt, much like the album it ends, “Joan in the Garden” ultimately lands as a celebration of music’s ability to convey valence and ambiguity, to frame an endlessly complicated story in instantly compelling terms.

This, songwriter Colin Meloy will tell you proudly, is the best Decemberists albums and perhaps the ultimate realization of 22 years of work. In many ways, As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again feels like an aptly titled renewal for The Decemberists. The first full-length release on YABB Records, the band’s own label, after a run of nearly two decades with Capitol. As they were once, here are the Decemberists again, now an independent band empowered by singing stories that sound instantly familiar and convey some bit of hard-won wisdom.

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50th Anniversary edition of 1974 live recording at Abbey Road. Single 2LP black vinyl

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The seventh studio album from acclaimed musician Lindsey Stirling celebrates the delicate, yet beautiful, nature of duality – the inner battle of fearlessness and self doubt we all experience. Exploring two distinct styles of music for each side of the album, Duality evokes a sense of magic; encouraging the listener to acknowledge the struggle but to always believe in the limitless version of themselves. 

Part 1

1.    Evil Twin 

2.    Eye Of The Untold Her 

3.    Surrender 

4.    Serenity Found 

5.    Untamed 

6.    Purpose 


Part 2

7. The Scarlet Queen 

8. Inner Gold (feat. Royal & The Serpent) 

9. Survive (feat. Walk Off The Earth) 

10. Kintsugi 

11. Firefly Alley 

12. Les Fées 

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On the top floor of RG Scotts in Margate you’ll find an assortment of tables — tables that became field recordings, then programmed scatter rhythms, and eventually the foundations
of the new solo album from Mike Lindsay: supershapes (volume 1). It’s the first instalment in a series of records from the Mercury Prize-winning producer and mixing engineer (who’s also the co-founder of UK acid folktronica band Tunng, and one half of electronic alt-psych duo LUMP, with Laura Marling), a series that explores “the miraculous in the mundane”. Volume 1 looks widely at “everyday domestic objects, especially tables, coffee table books, and the daily rituals that shape us, heavily focusing on the majestic in the domestic”. The album is a kind of table in its own right: those who sit round it include Anna B Savage and many other musicians and artists — a sense of collaboration that has run through all of Lindsay’s work.

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Alternative rock group The Early November is thrilled to announce their forthcoming Self-Titled album, set for release on June 14th via Pure Noise Records. Featuring lead single “What We Earn”, The Early November is a 10 song collection that pays homage to who the band is, was, and has yet to become.
On the new single, frontman Ace Enders shares: “’What We Earn’ was the first song written for the album, and probably the most intense as well. It’s about the realization that the glass ceiling over our heads is supported by the walls we build throughout our lives.”
After two decades, it would be all too easy for a band to just phone it in—capitalize on the fanbase they’ve built up in that time and just make a watered-down version of themselves. Not for The Early November, however. Ever since forming in New Jersey in 2001, the band, now consisting of front man Ace Enders and founding drummer Jeff Kummer— have constantly been striving to find the best and most definitive version of themselves. With this self-titled record, the seventh studio album of their career, the duo have come as close as is possible to doing so. It’s an album that ties the past, present and future all together, and as such, it marks what Enders calls a “period or exclamation point in our sentence”. It’s not a new beginning, per se, but nevertheless something emphatic that signifies, in Enders’ words again, “a pivotal moment” for them both.
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..Is Committed represents both a return to form and a mid-career left turn. Bemis still traffics in
exaggeration and Jewish humor, but the hyperbole has been tempered by the blows of reality.
This is no longer the angst of post-adolescence, but the grim phantasms of adulthood. Coming
full circle in a sense, Bemis says these are the most autobiographical songs that he’s written since
high school.
As with any Say Anything record, the songs are rollicking and self-referential, jampacked with
meta-references and in-jokes. Before “lore” became a Gen Z cliché, Bemis was employing it was
still called “world-building.” The opener “BE, CHILDREN (INTRODUCTION TO THE
REUNION RECORD)” starts off with what might as well be a mission statement: “to the self-
indulgent/indulge yourself with me.” It’s partially a satire of a reunion song, but filled with a
jarring and uncomfortable honesty that belies the tongue-in-cheek humor. It also rocks hard.
Bemis did not bring Say Anything back to make an Iron & Wine record.

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Since forming a decade ago in 2014, the $uicideboy$ have prolifically shared their distinctive fusion of rap, punk, and trap with audiences worldwide. Starting out as pioneers of the SoundCloud Rap movement, they have gone on to deliver a tremendous amount of music and have achieved over 20 billion all-time streams, placing them in the Top 100 streaming artists of all time. In 2023, they were one of Spotify’s Top Groups of 2023 and one of SoundCloud’s Top 5 Most Streamed Artists.
NEW WORLD DEPRESSION delves deep into a tumultuous psyche, portraying a world riddled with inner demons, existential crises, and a stark defiance of societal norms. Throughout the album, the duo navigates through themes of fame, self-destruction, and the relentless search for identity amidst chaos. Their raw, unfiltered lyrics serve as a gritty narrative of personal turmoil, substance abuse, and the struggle for authenticity in a world that often feels cold and indifferent. This album is an unapologetic exploration of the darker sides of human experience, resonating with anyone who has ever felt out of place or battled with their own shadows.
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AMAMA [Olive Green Vinyl LP]

ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $20.41 Buy

New York psych-pop band Crumb return with AMAMA, their most carefree and open-hearted album to date. A soundscape full of playful and patchwork experimentation - glitchy pitch-shifted vocals, cell phone recordings, nautical blips, sax mouthpiece solos, blasted drum samples, and piano strings dampened with Silly Putty - AMAMA continues to deepen the band's hypnotic sound in a cohesive line back through 2021's Ice Melt, 2019's Jinx, and breakout EPs Locket and Crumb. Without a doubt, AMAMA is Crumb - singer and multi-instrumentalist Lila Ramani, keyboardist and saxophonist Bri Aronow, bassist Jesse Brotter, and drummer Jonathan Gilad - at their most animated. AMAMA exists at the crossroads of psychedelia, pop, jazz, and rock, and cements Crumb as a band uniquely their own. Released independently on Crumb Records and produced alongside Johnscott Sanford and Jonathan Rado in Los Angeles, AMAMA is an incandescent statement about searching for solid ground, connection, and clarity in a life of nomadic upheaval.
New Vinyl: $20.41 ON SALE
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John Denver

Back Home Again [LP]

ON SALE $27.98 Vinyl: $24.75 Buy

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Back Home Again was a multiplatinum #1 album for John Denver that includes the huge radio hits “Annie’s Song” and “Back Home Again,” along with fan favorites like “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” and “Sweet Surrender.” Available on black vinyl.

New Vinyl: $24.75 ON SALE
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Visions Out of Limelight [Teal LP]

Vinyl: $21.08 UNAVAILABLE

The 8th full length studio album from RJD2! You may know him from the Mad Men theme. Or "Deadringer". Or those commercials and shows and movies and such. You may not even know the name, but you surely know the tunes. Well into his third decade in the game, RJD2 refuses to let his foot off the gas with quality albums. Ever so funky, mysterious, and quirkily soulful, "Visions Out Of Limelight" continues his tradition of making records free your mind, and you know what will follow. Featuring vocals from the legendary Jamie Lidell, long time collaborator Jordan Brown, and even one song by the man himself, this album is sure to satisfy longtime fans and those new to the party alike.

New Vinyl: $21.08 ON SALE
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Sony Masterworks Broadway is proud to announce the release of the Original Cast Recording of Stereophonic. Direct from it's smash hit world premiere at Playwrights Horizon, Stereophonic opens on Broadway on April 19. With original songs by Academy Award nominee Will Butler, formerly of Arcade Fire, Stereophonic is written by David Adjimi, directed by Daniel Aukin and stars Will Brill as Reg, Andrew R. Butler as Charlie, Juliana Canfield as Holly, Eli Gelb as Grover, Tom Pecinka as Peter, Sarah Pidgeon as Diana, and Chris Stack as Simon reprising their highly lauded performances. The album features Butler's music from the show including the hit song and act one closer, "Masquerade." - Dominating the "Best Theater of 2023" lists, Stereophonic mines the agony and the ecstasy of creation as it zooms in on a music studio in 1976. Here, an up-and-coming rock band recording a new album finds itself suddenly on the cusp of superstardom. The ensuing pressures could spark their breakup - or their breakthrough. In Stereophonic, Adjmi invites the audience to immerse themselves-with fly-on-the-wall intimacy-in the powder keg process of a band on the brink of blowing up.
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Deluxe double colored vinyl LP edition. The unforgettable soundtrack for Napoleon Dynamite returns to vinyl on this limited edition set. - New edition of the Napoleon Dynamite score for the 20th anniversary. Includes new vinyl color and insert.
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Limited Edition Blue and Yellow Vinyl "Djawadi’s musical talent is expected to enhance the viewing experience with his unique compositions that have become synonymous with epic storytelling in television.” Music written, produced, and performed by Iranian/German, 2x Emmy winning, 3x Grammy nominated, composer, Ramin Djawadi (Game Of Thrones, Westworld, Iron Man, Safe House, Person Of Interest, Clash of The Titans, Batman Begins, Open Season, Blade: Trinity, A Wrinkle in Time, Pacific Rim, Medal of Honor, Jack Ryan, Warcraft, The Mountain Between Us). His echoing soundscapes and ominous orchestral flourishes create a dark, industrial backdrop to the post-apocalyptic series. Based on one of the greatest video game series of all time, Fallout is the story of haves and have-nots in a world in which there’s almost nothing left to have. Two-hundred years after the apocalypse, the gentle denizens of luxury fallout shelters are forced to return to the irradiated hellscape their ancestors left behind—and are shocked to discover an incredibly complex, gleefully weird, and highly violent universe waiting for them.
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Brighton Queer Punks Lambrini Girls are a force to be reckoned with and their debut EP ‘You’re Welcome’ showcases all the ferocity and power of punks who won’t give up until everyone is listening. Their brand of satirical, angry punk is laced with ferocity, power and a hell of a lot of fun all while calling out male abusers in the music scene. They’ve seen huge support from BBC Radio 1 and 6 (Iggy Pop announced Lambrini Girls are his new favourite band), championed by the likes of Jack Saunders and Steve Lamacq, NME who claimed the band as their top 100 newcomers in 2023, Kerrang!, Rolling Stone, The Line Of Best Fit, Clash, Vanity Fair, Dork, Gigwise, Spotify and Apple Music and more. In Jan 2024 the duo graced the cover of Kerrang! Magazine alongside heroes Sleater Kinny. Lambrini Girls have supported the likes of Iggy Pop, Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Pigs x7 and played over 100 shows and festivals over the summer of 2023 including 2000 Trees Festival, Printemps De Bourges, The Great Escape, Truck Festival, Primavera Madrid and more. They were also nominated for the Rolling Stone Rising Artist Award. In Summer 2024 the band are due to play some of the biggest shows of their career: at Glastonbury Festival, Reading & Leeds Festival, Green Man Festival and a headline show at Scala in London. They'll also be making their first trip stateside, support Amyl and the Sniffers across the USA as well as shows on their own, ending the year with a bang with two shows at Alexandra Palace supporting Bristol Punks Idles.

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The Desaturating Seven was the 9th studio album by Primus and features the classic lineup of Les Claypool (vocals/bass), Larry LaLonde (guitar), and Tim Alexander (drums). It was inspired by "The Rainbow Goblins," a story which Claypool read to his children, centered around seven goblins (each representing a color of the rainbow) who pull all of the color out of the world. This seventh anniversary edition comes in a goid-foil stamped jacket and is pressed on "midnight rainbow" vinyl.

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Monsters of Folk - comprised of Jim James (My Morning Jacket), M. Ward, Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes) - released their first collaborative album in 2009. The set was recorded in Malibu and Omaha with all four members playing every instrument. It marked their only recorded output as a band. This reissue features revised artwork, the original 15-song record plus 5 unreleased studio tracks from 2012, intended for a never-finished 2nd album, and featuring "5th Monster" Will Johnson.
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Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. (40th Anniversary Edition) - Vinyl

This 40th anniversary edition of Bruce Springsteen's history-making `Born In The U.S.A.' album re-pressed on translucent red vinyl. The anniversary edition also features a gatefold sleeve and exclusive booklet with archival material from the era, new liner notes penned by Erik Flannigan and a four-color lithograph. Released on June 4, 1984 - `Born In The U.S.A.' had an unprecedented seven Top Ten singles on its tracklist, sold 17 million copies to date and captured the pop culture zeitgeist with once-in-a-generation impact.

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Moneybagg Yo

Speak Now

ON SALE $13.95 CD: $12.79 Buy

New CD: $12.79 ON SALE
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Jill Barber

Encore [Colored Vinyl] (Stic)

ON SALE $26.98 Vinyl: $20.51 Buy

A cafe in Paris, a cocktail lounge in Palm Springs, a beachside bar in Rio de Janeiro, a lokanta in Istanbul. Jill Barber's French repertoire is played around the world and has earned her a following that transcends language barriers. Her music has become the soundtrack to an experience. It is a surprising achievement for an anglophone artist who only began her affair with the French language in her late twenties, following a moment during the Montreal Jazz Festival, where she sang a few notes of French to an enraptured crowd. Inspired by their reaction, Jill enrolled herself in an immersive French school in the South of France, eventually emerging with her own recordings of the songs and poets that inspired her most: Piaf, Gainsbourg, Aznavour. The album "Chansons" was released in 2013 and has since become Jill's most globally successful record to date, having been streamed over 120 million times - with more than 35 million listens in the past year alone. A full decade later, Jill has reunited with Grammy Award-nominated producer Drew Jurecka and the musicians that accompanied her on "Chansons" to produce "ENCORE!", it's long-awaited sequel. "ENCORE!" is a delightfully arranged and lushly orchestrated album, featuring all new interpretations of classic songs by Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Blossom Dearie, Django Reinhardt, Robert Charlebois, Josephine Baker, and Barbara.
New Vinyl: $20.51 ON SALE
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Black Country Communion

V [180 Gram]

Vinyl: $27.38 UNAVAILABLE
Black Country Communion - V [2 LP] / J&R Adventures
New Vinyl: $27.38 ON SALE
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Despite the album’s playful title, Cale’s second album in just over a year still contains the same feelings of fierce and inquisitive rage that were present in 2023 album MERCY. He remains angry, still incensed by the willful destruction that unchecked capitalists and unrepentant conmen have hoisted upon the wonders of this world and the goodness of its people. But this is not at all MERCY II, or some collection of castoffs, as throughout his career of more than six decades, Cale has never been much for repetition. His vanguard-shaping enthusiasms have shifted among ecstatic classicism and unbound rock, classic songcraft and electronic reimagination with proud restlessness. 

And so, on POPtical Illusion, he foregoes the illustrious cast to burrow mostly alone into mazes of synthesizers and samples, organs and pianos, with words that, as far as Cale goes, constitute a sort of swirling hope, a sage insistence that change is yet possible. Produced by Cale and longtime artistic partner Nita Scott, POPtical Illusion is the work of someone trying to turn toward the future – exactly as Cale always has.

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Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs - Vagabonds, Virgins & Misfits
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Four Tet


ON SALE $14.98 CD: $11.97 Buy

This is the new album by Four Tet.
New CD: $11.97 ON SALE
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John Grant

Art Of The Lie [Colored Vinyl]

ON SALE $36.98 Vinyl: $26.84 Buy

Following the runaway success of his last LP, Boy From Michigan, which crashed the UK Top 10 back in July 2021, legendary singer-songwriter John Grant returns with his hugely-anticipated sixth album, The Art Of The Lie. The album is one of one of Grant's greatest and most visionary to date and confirms his status as a modern electronic auteur. The Art of The Lie was produced by Grant and Grammy-nominated producer Ivor Guest who is perhaps best-known for his work with Grace Jones. It features an array of celebrated musicians including Dave Okumu, Seb Rochford and Robin Mullarkey.
New Vinyl: $26.84 ON SALE
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Lalah Hathaway


Lalah Hathaway - "VANTABLACK" / Lalah Hathaway is a 5x GRAMMY Award-winning singer/songwriter and producer and 10x nominee. She is undeniably music royalty. Lalah's music transcends genre - from R&B ballads to pop standards and soulful jazz. The new album, VANTABLACK, includes collaborations with Common, Gerald Albright, Willow and MC Lyte. CD Digipak. EXPLICIT
New CD: $10.79 ON SALE
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Fine Art [Colored Vinyl]

ON SALE $27.98 Vinyl: $22.57 Buy

New Vinyl: $22.57 ON SALE
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Packed with earworm hooks, playful experimentalism and emotive, to-the-bone lyricism, 'Palpitations' is Laurel's confident step into pop's spotlight. Led by the effervescent lead single 'Wild Things' and touching on everything from balladry ('Only One') to bangers ('45 Degrees', 'Coming Back For More'), the album is 10 tracks of shimmering, stunning pop prowess. Already championed by BBC Radio 1, GQ, The Observer, i-D, The Independent, Elle and more, and with previous fashion campaigns with Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Ganni and many more to her name, 'Palpitations' is Laurel's definitive statement - one of 2024's most exciting pop records, and proof Laurel is set to be one of this year's most exciting stars. Opaque Gray vinyl

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