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Foo Fighters

But Here We Are [White LP]

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But Here We Are is the new album from Foo Fighters, and marks the bands return after a year of staggering losses, personal introspection and bittersweet remembrances. A brutally honest and emotionally raw response to everything Foo Fighters have endured recently, But Here We Are is a testament to the healing powers of music, friendship and family. Courageous, damaged and unflinchingly authentic, the album opens with Rescued, the first of 10 songs that run the emotional gamut from rage and sorrow to serenity and acceptance, and myriad points in between.

But Here We Are is in nearly equal measure the 11th Foo Fighters album and the first chapter of the bands new life. Sonically channeling the naivet of Foo Fighters 1995 debut, informed by decades of maturity and depth, But Here We Are is the sound of brothers finding refuge in the music that brought them together in the first place 28 years ago, a process that was as therapeutic as it was about a continuation of life.

New Vinyl: $22.92 ON SALE
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7 Inch includes a studio version of the track 'We're Gonna Get There In The End' and an acoustic version of 'Pretty Boy'

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Autographed Color LP

More than anything, I wanted to make an album that was generous, that was useful, says Ben Folds. I want you to finish this record with something you didnt have when you started. Indeed, Folds masterful new collection, What Matters Most, isnt so much a statement as it is an offering, an open hand reaching out to all those wounded and bewildered by a world that seems to make less and less sense every day. Recorded in East Nashville with co-producer Joe Pisapia, the album marks Folds first new studio release in eight years, and its a bold, timely, cinematic work, one that examines the tragic and the absurd in equal measure as it reckons with hope and despair, gratitude and loss, identity and perspective. The songs are bittersweet here, hilarious at times, but often laced with a quiet sense of longing and dread: a text message goes unanswered; an old classmate descends into the dark depths of internet conspiracies; a relationship unravels in the middle of a lake. And yet, taken as a whole, the result is an undeniably joyful record that refuses to succumb to the weight of the world around it, an ecstatic reminder of all the beauty and promise hiding in plain sight for anyone willing (and present enough) to recognize their moments as they arrive.

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Rancid - the legendary Bay Area punk rockers are back with their 10th studio album, Tomorrow Never Comes on Epitaph Records. Emerging from the blue-collar swamps of Berkeley, California, Rancid has now been a living, breathing punk rock band for over a quarter century.

Back in 1991, after the demise of their much beloved and still influential first band, Operation Ivy, founding members Tim Armstrong (vocals, guitar) and Matt Freeman (bass, vocals) decided to do the impossible start an even better band. Thus, Rancid. Signing with Epitaph Records, the band released their first album, Rancid, in 1993. Shortly thereafter, Lars Frederiksen (vocals, guitar) joined the band and they went on to release incredible records from Lets Go. (1994) to their classic - platinum selling And Out Come The Wolves. (1995). Drummer Branden Steineckert joined the band in 2003, cementing the line-up that rocks out till this day.

Seeing Rancid live is a life changing experience and steady touring is in the plan for 2023, kicking off in Las Vegas at the legendary Punk Rock Bowling Festival in late May - the band will hit Europe in June and the rest of the world soon after.

Through it all, Rancid has remained fiercely independent, never losing their loyalty to community or each other. Their music confronts political and social issues, while balancing personal tales of love, loss, and heartbreak with attitude. Rancid gives their listeners a community where everyone can belong. By carrying on the traditions and spirit of the original punk rock bands that came before, Rancid has become a legend and inspiration to punk bands that have come after. They are the living embodiment of East Bay punk. And if you dont know all this by now -- youre not playing their music loud enough!

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Avenged Sevenfolds new album, Life Is But A Dream is a timeless work of art that blurs genres. Best served as a whole and consumed en masse to truly appreciate its musical breadth and sonic depth, it marks their boldest statement and most revolutionary work to date. Written and recorded over the span of 4 years, it was produced by Joe Barresi and Avenged Sevenfold in Los Angeles and mixed by Andy Wallace in the Poconos, PA. Inspired by Albert Camus The Stranger, the album is a journey through an existential crisis; a very personal exploration into the meaning, purpose and value of human existence with the anxiety of death always looming. Immerse into this experience

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Beach Fossils

Bunny [Powder Blue LP]

ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $20.41 Buy

Brooklyn bedroom-pop trailblazers Beach Fossils' new album Bunny is a triumphant return for one of the 2010s most influential NYC bands. Bunny is a precise blend of the luscious dream-pop atmospheres they notoriously honed on their earliest projects, the post-punk vigor expressed on Clash The Truth, and the warm sophisticated songwriting of Somersault. Composer Dustin Payseur peppers the album equallywith descriptions of the joy of fatherhood and the existential pleasure of smoking cigarettes out of a car windowwith friends --Bunny features Beach Fossils' most personal lyrics to-date.

New Vinyl: $20.41 ON SALE
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Lucky For You [LP]

ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $20.29 Buy

Lucky For You is Bully's most close-to-the-bone album yet. It's an album that's searing and unmistakably marked by it's creator's experiences, while still retaining the massive sound that Alicia Bognanno has become known for over the last decade. Her fourth album draws from personal pain and the universal struggle that is existing, learning, and moving on-and it's all soundtracked by Bognanno's rock-solid melodic sensibilities and a widescreen sound that's impossible to pin down when it comes to the textures explored. These ten songs are simply the most irresistible Bognanno's put to tape yet, making Lucky For You her greatest triumph to date in a career already packed with them. Work on Lucky For You began last year, when Bognanno brought some in-progress demos to producer J.T. Daly in his Nashville studio to see if they could strike creative kismet. "Authenticity is always on my mind, without even knowing it," she explains while discussing their recording process together. "It was g
New Vinyl: $20.29 ON SALE
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Jack Johnson

In Between Dub [LP]

Vinyl: $33.16 UNAVAILABLE

In March 2020, Jack Johnson reached out to Lee Scratch" Perry to produce a dub remix album based on Jacks most loved recordings. On August 29, 2021, the project was brought to a halt as Scratch departed this physical world. In 2022, Jack and Subatomic Sound System, Perrys band of the last decade, connected directly and discovered they had all the pieces to bring Lee Scratch Perrys three creations to completion. The LP also features dubs from Dennis Bovell, Scientist, Mad Professor, Nightmares on Wax, and more.

New Vinyl: $33.16 ON SALE Video
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Little Broken Hearts [Deluxe Edition 3 LP] - Norah Jones defied expectations with her 5th studio album Little Broken Hearts, a striking collaboration with Danger Mouse that arrived a decade after her debut Come Away With Me, prompting SPIN to call it "the 2nd essential record of Norah Jones' career." Deluxe Edition features an expanded 31-track set curated by Jones with rare bonus tracks, alternate versions, remixes, and a previously unreleased live version of the album recorded for Austin City Limits in 2012.
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Who Is Afraid Of Blue? [LP]

ON SALE $23.98 Vinyl: $19.40 Buy


An indie pop duo whose music has a cool retro vibe buoyed by smooth melodies, a naturalistic sound, and warm harmonies, Purr is a collaboration between songwriters, musicians, and longtime friends Eliza Barry Callahan and Jack Staffen. The two previously worked together as Jack + Eliza, but while that project emphasized spare and stripped-down accompaniment, Purrs recordings feature a fuller sound with a larger palette of instrumental flavors that often references 60s pop. Purr introduced themselves to the world with a 2018 single, Bad Advice b/w Painted Memory, that showed off their talents as both writers and vocalists, and they further refined their style on their first full-length album, 2020s Like New and continue that on forthcoming album Who Is Afraid Of Blue?

To make it, the duo teamed up with their close friend, producer Jonathan Rado (Weyes Blood, Father John Misty, The Killers), whom they worked with on Like New. They went to his North Hollywood studio, a small building behind his home. This was during Omicron, so they kept recording small, just the three of them in a room for most of the time. Programmed drums on an 808, that kind of thing. While they recorded, they screened movies. Ranging from Barbara Lodens Wanda, to Paul Thomas Andersons Magnolia, to Dr. Strange and The Avengers. It all provided texture to the songs. Like making a score. Its a really hermetic record, says Staffen, which ended up feeling really special.

Sonically, Who Is Afraid Of Blue? isnt beholden by genre. It is an omnivorous recordyou can hear glimmers of Aimee Mann, Radiohead, the Cocteau Twins which is fitting because Blue is in some ways a record of their process of falling in love with music all over again.

Who Is Afraid Of Blue? also exists lightly in conversation with a short novel Callahan wrote (forthcoming via Catapult, 2024), an auto-fiction document of a woman losing her hearing. And all of it comes back to those Newman works: Purr makes music that functions like those large-scale paintings so very saturated with color. Blue is a vast record, with lyrics that bend towards abstraction. But make no mistake: in that abstraction there is intense clarity. Blue is blue: a color, a feeling, a signifier, a way of looking at the world.

New Vinyl: $19.40 ON SALE Video
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Kenny Rogers

Life Is Like A Song [LP]

ON SALE $27.98 Vinyl: $25.75 Buy


A collection of unreleased songs from Kenny Rogers' archives that tells the story of the love, life, loss and faith between Kenny and his wife, Wanda, and their two children. The album features the long sought after "Goodbye" written by Lionel Richie, interpretations of Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" and "I Wish It Would Rain" originally recorded by The Temptations, and "Tell Me That You Love Me" a lost duet between Kenny and Dolly Parton.

New Vinyl: $25.75 ON SALE Video
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Closing Time foreshadows the distinctly lyrical storytelling and original blending of jazz, blues, and folk styles thatwould come to be associated with Waits. It is on this debut album that Waits performs enduring classics of his career Ol 55 (famously covered by the Eagles), the heartbreaking Martha and the gentle acoustic folk of I HopeThat I Dont Fall In Love With You. Reissued for the first time as a double LP to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landmark debut with newly half speed mastering at Abbey Road Studios.

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Neil Frances

There Is No Neil Frances [Clear LP]

ON SALE $28.98 Vinyl: $22.87 Buy

Regular Jacket with Matte Varnish, Heavyweight 180g Clear Vinyl.. There is no Neil Frances. OK, sort of. Neil Frances is not a solo artist, it's the name of a duo comprised of Sydney-born Jordan Feller and Southern California native Marc Gilfry. To help you remember that Neil Frances is not a person, the duo has named it's debut LP There Is no Neil Frances. Neil Frances' signature sound is beat-driven pop infused with a more organic warmth than most modern music. Putting special emphasis on their enthralling live sets-the group quickly developed a reputation as a must-see stage artist opening for SG Lewis, Jungle, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The band explains, "Our new album is about self-realization and becoming the person that you dream of. The concept is that we are insects on earth who ascend into outer space to become divas at a galactic ball." The album features both GRAE and Benny Sings.
New Vinyl: $22.87 ON SALE Video
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Bob Dylan

Shadow Kingdom [2LP]

ON SALE $34.98 Vinyl: $30.25 Buy

Shadow Kingdom presents Dylan performing revelatory 21st century versions of songs from his storied back catalog including fan favorites like Forever Young and Its All Over Now, Baby Blue, and deep catalog gems like Queen Jane Approximately and Wicked Messenger. Originally reinterpreted for an exclusive streaming film event, which aired in July 2021, Shadow Kingdom will now be available on vinyl, CD, and streaming platforms for the first time. The album's setlist includes 13 original songs handpicked by Dylan for his Shadow Kingdom performance plus the closing instrumental, "Sierra's Theme."

New Vinyl: $30.25 ON SALE
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Half Moon Run


ON SALE $14.98 CD: $13.03 Buy

The musical chemistry of Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, and Dylan Phillips is a continued source of wonder, even to the band, and even now - a decorous decade on. Half Moon Runs collaborative power has remained constant and unsuppressed and their new album Salt sees them revisiting the site of their bonds first forging, bringing visions to light thatve been there in waiting since the beginning.

Driven by the singles You Can Let Go and Alco, Salt is a broad and sweeping statement from a band at the height of their compositional powers. The gestation period of the songs here spans the history of the band, in an assemblage of the bands newest and oldest ideas, in juxtaposition and in alliance, the past and future at once.

New CD: $13.03 ON SALE
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Henry and Rupert Stansall, known as Ruen Brothers, are saddling up from their home of Scunthorpe, England to ride into unmarked territory. Inspired by their love of noir and neo-western films, their cinematic new album Ten Paces exhibits the rich, sonic versatility of the brothers, as every instrument heard on the album is performed by Henry and Rupert. The anthemic build of "The Fear" to the lonesome balladeering of "Bullet Blues" showcases these two outlaws at their creative peak. The First Edition of Ten Paces is pressed on limited edition yellow vinyl.
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Hollywood Vampires

Live in Rio [2LP]

ON SALE $35.98 Vinyl: $34.01 Buy

In 2015, American supergroup Hollywood Vampires played probably their biggest and one of their most legendary concerts in front of over 100,000 fans. Rock in Rio is not only one of the most famous festivals, but also the origin of the Hollywood Vampires' first live album.

With Alice Cooper as frontman, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, Aerosmith legend Joe Perry and producer and songwriter Tommy Henriksen, this band already has a top-class line-up. Still, the list of superstars doesn't end there. Joining them on stage are Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses), Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver) and Bruce Witkin (Grammy nominated producer). Special guests include Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Zak Starkey (The Who / Oasis). A star line-up that has never been seen before on a single show.

The album was produced by Bob Ezrin (Deep Purple, KISS, Pink Floyd, etc.).

New Vinyl: $34.01 ON SALE
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Rival Sons


ON SALE $14.98 CD: $12.34 Buy

2x GRAMMY-nominated band Rival Sons have announce details of their anxiously awaited new full-length album, DARKFIGHTER, which his set to arrive worldwide March 10th. Produced by longtime collaborator and multi GRAMMY Award-winner Dave Cobb, DARKFIGHTER is led by the explosive single Nobody Wants to Die, is accompanied by an Eli Sokhn directed music video streaming now on Rival Sons YouTube channel. The track notably marks the first new music from Rival Sons since the release of 2019s FERAL ROOTS, which earned the band two GRAMMY Award nominations.Regarding Nobody Wants to Die, vocalist Jay Buchanan shares, You live your life knowing that the sword of Damocles is hanging over your head by a thread. Youre fully aware of the impermanence of your existence, but you cant think about it all the timeor itll fuck your life up. I used to work in a mortuary as a service advisor for a few years, driving and opening the hearses. Id attend three funerals per day. Sometimes, they would be filled over capacity. Other times, it would just be me, a priest, and a hole in the ground. It doesnt matter who you are; the great equalizer is coming. I was thinking of this because the music sounded like pursuit. Elaborating on the genesis of DARKFIGHTER, Buchanan notes, DARKFIGHTER represents the cultural mitosis of isolation, the Pandemic, and the national fabric of the US getting looser and looser. When I say Cultural Mitosis, there are lines being drawn constantly. Were so divided, and you cant step over the lines without offending someone. It certainly informed my writing. We recognized a responsibility to put a good word on peoples ears so theres a good word coming back on their tongues too. We missed the joy of the live show and that magical interaction. When it was taken from us, that made me want to sing about topics that were important. There are strong themes on this record of loss of identity, preservation of joy, and beholding light and shape again. Lead guitarist Scott Holiday added, Records are a healthy form of escapism. I hope this one takes you as far away as possible. Our intent was to create a cinematic body of work. As soon as the doors shut behind you, youre enveloped on the ride. This is the sound of us really coming into our own. Weve gotten further from our influences and gotten closer to what we are. DARKFIGHTER sounds like the Rival Sons.
New CD: $12.34 ON SALE
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On Last Man Dancing, Jake Shears turns his lifelong love affair with club culture into his most ambitious pop music to date. The album was brought to vivid life by Jake Shears and a close crew of collaborators, including head-turning features from Kylie Minogue, Jane Fonda, Iggy Pop, Amber Martin, and a pre-Renaissance turn from the iconic Big Freedia.

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Ben Harper

Wide Open Light [LP]

ON SALE $29.98 Vinyl: $24.54 Buy

"Wide Open Light Is a family of songs I've written.I've selected them with the care one might put into a personal photo album.To that effect, I'd call it a sonic family photo album, each track a close relative to the next.The story behind this record is simple.I have been writing songs now for over 30 years.It's what I long to do, love to do, and at times feel I need to do, and hope to continue doing until the ink runs dry and the notes fade.But for now, Wide Open Light.Deliberately minimalist, the songs themselves do as much of the heavy lifting as the production.(produced by myself, and my longtime collaborators Danny Kalb and Jason Mozersky)Featured guests on the album include:Jack Johnson guitar, vocals on 'Gone For Good'Shelby Lynne vocals on '8 Minutes'Piers Faccini vocals on 'Wide Open Light'" - Ben Harper
New Vinyl: $24.54 ON SALE
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The Revivalists make the kind of rock n roll that grabs you and doesnt let go. On their fifth full-length release, the New Orleans outfit was inspired to create a life-affirming album that in many ways connects to the original seed of inspiration for the bands name. Pour It Out Into The Night is a celebration of resilience, living for who you are and what youre about.

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Rufus Wainwright

Folkocracy [LP]

ON SALE $39.98 Vinyl: $36.34 Buy

Folkocracy - Rufus Wainwright - Rufus Wainwright has announced Folkocracy, a star-studded album of folk music reinventions that sees the 2x GRAMMYr Award-nominated singer-songwriter joined by a spectacular collection of friends, family members, and other special guest artists that includes Brandi Carlile, John Legend, David Byrne, Sheryl Crow, Nicole Scherzinger, Chaka Khan, Andrew Bird, ANOHNI, Susanna Hoffs, Van Dyke Parks, Madison Cunningham, and many more.
New Vinyl: $36.34 ON SALE
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Since their 2012 debut, Protomartyr have mastered the art of evoking place: the grinding Midwest humility of their hometown, as well as the x-rayed elucidation of America that comes with their vantage. The groups sixth album was recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX with producer Jake Aron. The desert is more of a metaphor or symbol, singer Joe Casey says, of emotional deserts, or a place or time that seems to lack life. The growth came from a period of colossal transition for Casey, including the death of his mother. But life does go on, and Casey describes the great theme of Formal Growth In The Desert as an embrace and acknowledgment of that fact: a 12-song testament to getting on with life, even when it feels impossibly hard.
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De La Soul

Stakes Is High [2LP]

ON SALE $34.98 Vinyl: $27.83 Buy

Stakes is High is the 4th studio album by de la Soul, released on July 2, 1996. Stakes is High was critically lauded for it's music, lyricism, and it's overall message concerning the artisticdecline rap music began to face in the mid-90s. The title track and first single was produced by J Dilla and the album's second single, "Itzsoweezee (HOT)", with only Dave on vocals, was accompanied by a creative music video. The album spawned a third single "4 More", featuring Zhane. The album did provide a launching pad for future star rappers and actors Mos Def, who appeared on the track "Big Brother Beat" and Common who is featured on "The Bizness"

New Vinyl: $27.83 ON SALE
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Tanya Tucker

Sweet Western Sound

ON SALE $13.98 CD: $12.97 Buy

Sweet Western Sound is Tanya Tuckers first album of new music since 2019s 2x-Grammy Award-winning, While Im Livin, the re-introduction that revitalized her career and brought her music to a new generation of fans. While that albums stripped-down, singer-songwriter approach leaned toward the acoustic side, Sweet Western Sounds framework is more muscular, evoking, at times, the vintage West Coast country-rock productions of the 70s and 80s. Produced by Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings.

New CD: $12.97 ON SALE
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Indie Exclusive * First Time on Colored vinyl and the first pressing since the orginal pressing in 2010 * From the band - Some of our favorite lyrics weve ever written are on this album. I probably wont have a grave stone, but if I did, Id like these lyrics printed on it: TIRED DOGS REST THEIR PAWS
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RSD Essential 037 * Includes a bonus 7" - Live in Bonnaroo 2013 - exclusive to this pressing * From the band - We self produced/recorded this album in a room with no heat in the middle of winter. We never expected you, the person who is reading this, would ever hear it. I think thats really part of the magic of it.

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Vinyl reissue of the band's second album from 2003 featuring the singles Capt Midnight and Birdsong". Its the out-of-print album's first time available individually

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Vinyl reissue of the band's third album from 2007, inspired by Native American compositions. Its the out-of-print album's first time available individually

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Aguilera is the ninth studio album by American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera and the follow-up to her first Spanish-language album, Mi Reflejo (2000), and her previous release, Liberation (2018). Christina Aguilera is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter renowned for her powerful voice and hit songs. Throughout her career, she has sold more than 43 million records worldwide. Aguilera has achieved five No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart making her the fourth female artist to top the chart over three consecutive decades (1990s, 2000s, and 2010s). She has won six Grammy Awards including one Latin Grammy Award. She has also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and holds the prestigious honor of being the only artist under the age of 30 included in Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 100 greatest singers of all time. In 2011 she entered the world of television as a coach on NBC's Emmy Award nominated show The Voice. Aguilera continues to use her voice for good. She has served as global spokesperson for World Hunger Relief effort since 2009 and has helped raise over $150 million for the World Food Program and other hunger relief agencies.
New CD: $12.46
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Jordan Davis

Bluebird Days [2 LP]

ON SALE $29.99 Vinyl: $28.01 Buy

MP3 Album: $11.49 Download

Jordan Davis will release his 2nd studio album, Bluebird Days, on Double LP on June 2, 2023. The highly anticipated album features 17 songs, including the #1 double-platinum CMA Song of the Year, Buy Dirt feat. Luke Bryan. The hit song (about faith, family and friends) continues to resonate with fans worldwide, topping the Country Radio Airplay chart for 2 weeks, amassing over 735M global streams and earning NSAI Song of the Year. The album also includes the #1 Country hit, What My World Spins Around.

New Vinyl: $28.01 Digital:$11.49 ON SALE
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Roger Waters

The Lockdown Sessions [LP]

Vinyl: $22.92 UNAVAILABLE

The Lockdown Sessionswas recorded at home during the Covid lockdown between 2020 and 2021.The collection includes five seminal tracks from across Roger Waters time with Pink Floyd and his solo career; Mother and Vera from Pink FloydThe Wall; Two Suns In The Sunset and The Gunners Dream from Waters final Pink Floyd album,The Final Cut; and The Bravery of Being Out Of Range from his highly acclaimed solo album,Amused To Death.Waters new version of the classic Pink Floyd songComfortably Numb, which was recorded during the recent This Is Not A Drill tourfeatures as the final track.

New Vinyl: $22.92 ON SALE
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Sorry Girls

Bravo! [Cobalt LP]

ON SALE $20.98 Vinyl: $17.14 Buy

Sorry Girlshave danced out of the darkness into the light. Since forming in2015, the Montreal duo of Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan KonradObront have transformed an eerie, dreamlike sound into lush, pleasureseeking pop. Expanding upon their debut album,Deborah,the bands deftlyarranged sophomore LP,Bravo!, sings to the back rows of the stadium,drawing listeners inward with a newfound focus on personal lyrics.

New Vinyl: $17.14 ON SALE
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Tigercub return with their highly anticipated new album The Perfume Of Decay via Loosegroove Records (the label co-founded by Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard).

With The Perfume of Decay Tigercub' third record of nocturnal, hard-hitting rock, as well as their first full-length release for Loosegroove Records frontman Jamie Hall draws the curtains shut and embraces a moody, melancholic sound that's every bit as cinematic as Hollywood itself. It's an album about counterpoint and opposites, stacked with songs that contrast overdriven guitars with whispered vocals, tight grooves with shoegazing swells of noise, sonic experimentation with sharp songwriting. For a band that's always trafficked in drama and dynamics, The Perfume of Decay marks Tigercub's strongest release to date.

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