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Bad Religion

No Control [LP]

ON SALE $23.98 Vinyl: $19.40 Buy

Without a doubt, 1989's NO CONTROL is one of Bad Religion's best releases. This was one of the albums that helped bridge the band's more reckless earlier direction with their more focused (but just as pissed-off) '90s-era. If you're just discovering the band, NO CONTROL is a wise first purchase, on the strength of such cuts as 'Big Bang,' 'Automatic Man,' the title track, and 'I Want to Conquer the World.' NO CONTROL is one of punk's greatest all-time albums and a quintessential purchase for fans of the genre.

Bad Religion: Greg Graffin (vocals); Mr. Brett (guitar, background vocals); Greg Hetson (guitar); Jay Bentley (bass, background vocals); Pete Finestone (drums). Recorded at Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, California in June 1989.

Bad Religion - No Control [LP]
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Angelo Badalamenti - Music From Twin Peaks - Soundtrack from Twin Peaks is a soundtrack album by American composer Angelo Badalamenti. It was Originally released on September 11, 1990, by Warner Bros. Records and is the official soundtrack to the television series Twin Peaks. Though mostly instrumental, three tracks feature vocals by the late Julee Cruise.
Angelo Badalamenti - Music From Twin Peaks [SYEOR 2020 Translucent Green LP]
$22.92 ON SALE
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The Blue Stones

Black Holes

ON SALE $27.98 Vinyl: $22.05 Buy

Vinyl LP pressing. The Blue Stones - guitarist/vocalist/lyricist Tarek Jafar and percussionist/backing vocalist Justin Tessier - are set to release their new album Black Holes, later this year. The album showcases an incredibly diverse palette of influence. Although they're a duo, it's unfair to limit the comparisons just to The Black Keys and The White Stripes. The weight of Led Zeppelin, the grit of Hendrix and groove from hip-hop artists like J. Cole and Kanye are all there. But in an effort that's unlike any other in contemporary rock, the result is something entirely unique to today's musical landscape.
The Blue Stones - Black Holes
$22.05 ON SALE
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The Cars

The Cars (Black Vinyl)

ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $22.92 Buy

MP3 Album: $8.99 Download

The Cars was released on June 6, 1978 on Elektra Records. The album, which featured the three charting singles "Just What I Needed, " "My Best Friend's Girl, " and "Good Times Roll, " as well as an abundance of radio hits, is recognized as one of the band's greatest albums. The album sold six million copies and appeared on the Billboard 200 album chart for 139 weeks.
The Cars - The Cars (Black Vinyl)
$22.92 ON SALE
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Chicago's 5X Platinum Greatest Hits collection, now on a picture disc. Includes the hits "25 or 6 to 4," "Make Me Smile, " "Saturday In The Park," "Colour My World," and "Feelin' Stronger Every Day."

Chicago - Chicago IX: Chicago's Greatest Hits [SYEOR 23 Exclusive Picture Disc LP]
$22.92 ON SALE
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Vinyl LP pressing. 2011 album from TV writer, actor, standup comedian and rapper Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino. A unique blend of Hip Hop with multiple genres, combined with lyrical genius, Gambino has gone from a viral cult following to a mega sensation.
Childish Gambino - Camp [Vinyl]
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Charley Crockett

$10 Cowboy [LP]

ON SALE $23.98 Vinyl: $22.67 Buy


With $10 Cowboy, Charley Crockett didn’t set out to make a themed record. He had released a concept album in 2022, the critically acclaimed Man From Waco, propelling Crockett to new heights and establishing him as one of the leaders of a sparkling revival of traditional country and folk music.  

For the follow up album, Crockett wrote freely, over a two-month period, as he wound his way across the United States on the back of a tour bus. The resulting songs—raw, personal, vivid portraits of a country in transition—ended up being connected after all.

“This material is written at truck stops, it’s written at casinos, it’s written in the alleys behind the venues, it’s written in my truck parked up on South Congress in Austin,” explains Crockett. “A ramblin’ man like me, a genuine transient, is in a pretty damn good position to have something to say about America.”

As the album unfolds, you begin to understand that a $10 Cowboy is anyone who has hustled to get by, who didn’t fit in, who has slept on other people’s couches, or the street, who has fallen down, gotten up, and ventured from home chasing a paying gig, or a new start.

“Being out on the road gives you a first-hand experience of how different kinds of Americans see themselves as going through some kind of great struggle,” Crockett says. “The roughneck working the oil and natural gas fields in West Texas. The single mother raising kids by herself. The young man working a street corner because he thinks it's his only option. I would be dishonest if I said I couldn’t see the thread. Each of ‘em feel invisible. I am struck by the battles they are fighting internally, and the ways they have been entrapped by what America says they are.”

The album was recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin, produced by Crockett and his long-time collaborator Billy Horton. It was recorded live to tape, with anywhere from 6-12 musicians and backup singers on each track, giving the songs the feel of a live performance. It’s a sound Crockett has been after for years. “Reason I cut it on tape is because when you got the right people in the room, and the great players rise to the occasion when that red light is on and the tape is rolling, you get the magic of a great performance.”

It's exactly what he achieved with $10 Cowboy. Regular bandmates Fox, Nathan Fleming, and Mayo Valdez are joined by some of the genre’s most talented players—Rich Brotherton, Kevin Smith, Dave LeRoy Biller, T. Jarrod Bonta and others, including a string quartet. Lauren Cervantes and Angela Miller sing on the album. While the musicianship and accompaniment are exquisite, they are also subtle, placed joyously, yet judiciously across the album.

No, Crockett didn’t set out to write a themed record. Or, through his studied eye, to find America. But with $10 Cowboy, he might have done both.

Charley Crockett - $10 Cowboy [LP]
$22.67 Video ON SALE
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ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $22.92 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Street Date: 01/17/12
Deftones - Deftones
$22.92 ON SALE
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Madi Diaz

Weird Faith [LP]

ON SALE $23.98 Vinyl: $19.40 Buy


Madi Diaz has been making records and writing songs professionally since the mid 2000s, but it wasn’t until she released 2021’s History Of A Feeling that she felt the glare of wider notoriety. It wasn’t her debut album, but it certainly felt like it. She made her daytime and night time television debuts, embarked on her first solo tour since 2012, and supported Waxahatchee and Angel Olsen on tour, and also collaborated with them on record. Harry Styles handpicked Diaz to open for him in arenas and stadiums in North America, and was so taken by her captivating live show, he asked her to be a member of his touring band, to sing alongside him all over Europe and the UK, as well as continuing to open the show in various cities. After three months on the road touring internationally, Diaz is back in Nashville, and gearing up to release her new album, Weird Faith, perched on the precipice of her moment. Featuring Kacey Musgraves and produced by Sam Cohen and Konrad Snyder, the album feels expansive and exploratory, showcasing her growth as a songwriter and speaking earnestly about the fears that come from falling in love again.

Madi Diaz - Weird Faith [LP]
$19.40 Video ON SALE
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Dire Straits

Live 1978-1992 (Box)

ON SALE $249.98 Vinyl: $229.31 Buy

New live album compilation from Dire Straits in a limited edition 12LP box set. The box set features:

Newly remastered versions of "Alchemy" and "On the Night", titles presently out of stock on vinyl. It should be noted that "Alchemy" was last pressed in the mid-80s, while "On the Night" was last available in its original 1993 release.

An expanded version of "Alchemy" featuring the pre-existing digital/CD tracklist, now including "Love Over Gold" along with extended editions of "Telegraph Road," "Solid Rock," and "Going Home." Moreover, it presents the full performance of "Portobello Belle," a segment of which appeared on the 1998 "Money for Nothing" compilation, in addition to previously unreleased tracks from the performance - "Industrial Disease" and "Twisting by the Pool."

An expanded edition of "On the Night", revealing previously unreleased tracks performed during the tour, sourced from multi-track recordings from shows in Nimes, Rotterdam, and Paris, featuring songs like "Tunnel of Love," "Telegraph Road," "Sultans of Swing," "Two Young Lovers," "When It Comes to You," and "I Think I Love You Too Much."

The EP "Encores," remastered for Black Friday 2021.

The licensed 1995 collection, "Live at the BBC".

The unreleased "Dire Straits Live from the Rainbow Theatre" show from 1979, mixed by Guy Fletcher, highlighting guest performances by Phil Lynott and Tony de Meur in the final four tracks of the set.

A brand new booklet with an insightful essay by journalist Paul Sexton, titled "Making Milestones: The Momentous Road Years of Dire Straits."


Dire Straits - Live 1978-1992 (Box)
$229.31 ON SALE
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Vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the 2017 motion picture. The Greatest Showman is a bold and original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and the sense of wonder we feel when dreams come to life. Inspired by the ambition and imagination of P. T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman tells the story of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a mesmerizing spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. The Greatest Showman is directed by exciting new filmmaker Michael Gracey, with songs by Academy Award winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land) and starring Academy Award nominee Hugh Jackman. Jackman is joined by Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Zac Efron and Rebecca Ferguson.
The Greatest Showman [Movie] - The Greatest Showman [Soundtrack LP]
$22.92 ON SALE
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With the 2014 release of deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, & Led Zeppelin III, the band will launch an extensive reissue program of all nine of its studio albums in chronological order, each remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin will also open its vaults to share dozens of unheard studio and live recordings, with each album featuring a second disc of companion audio comprised entirely of unreleased music related to that album.
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I: Remastered Deluxe Edition [Vinyl]
$55.02 ON SALE
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Melanie Martinez

After School (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] (Ep)

ON SALE $19.98 Vinyl: $18.33 Buy

Used Vinyl: $18.00 Buy Used

Limited blue colored vinyl LP pressing. EP release. Multi-platinum pop phenomenon Melanie Martinez releases her After School EP, a supplement to the internationally acclaimed album and accompanying full-length film K-12 released in 2019. After School features seven brand new songs, including "The Bakery," produced by Blake Slatkin and accompanied by an equally engaging companion video directed and designed by Melanie herself.
Melanie Martinez - After School (Blue) [Colored Vinyl] (Ep)
$18.00 ON SALE
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The Menzingers

Rented World [Vinyl]

ON SALE $23.98 Vinyl: $19.40 Buy

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 album from the Philadelphia punk band. Philadelphia-based band The Menzingers will release present RENTED WORLD. RENTED WORLD is the fourth studio release for the band and the follow-up to their critically-applauded album ON THE IMPOSSIBLE PAST (2012).
The Menzingers - Rented World [Vinyl]
$19.40 ON SALE
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Van Morrison

Moondance [180 Gram]

ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $22.92 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Pressed on 180 gram vinyl at RTI. Mastered from the original analog master tapes by Kevin Grey at Acoustech Mastering. Features all original packaging. Highlights include 'Caravan', 'Into the Mystic' and 'Moondance'. Van Morrison's 1970's follow up album to Astral Weeks titled Moondance was every bit as brilliant; buoyant and optimistic where Astral Weeks had been dark and anguished it cracked the Top 40 and generated classic hits.
Van Morrison - Moondance [180 Gram]
$22.92 ON SALE
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In their long career The Grateful Dead have been inspired by a stunning variety of American musical artists and traditions from blues to country to rock to folk - some of the most exciting and moving music ever recorded. Here are the original versions of The Dead's best loved cover tunes that surprise and delight with their musical depth, originality, and feeling. This collection has been lovingly compiled by a group of Dead insiders including Henry Kaiser, David Gans, and others with the enthusiastic support of The Dead itself. There are extensive notes included that give an overview detailing how the band came to cover each of these tunes and when they first played them in concert. The distinctive Robert Crumb cover artwork is an instant attraction and add to the collectibility of this release.
Music Never Stopped: Roots Of The Grateful Dead - Music Never Stopped: Roots Of The Grateful Dead
$23.74 ON SALE
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The set contains a reissue of My Chemical Romance's double-platinum, genre-defining album The Black Parade, which was originally released by Reprise in October 2006, and features the band's multiplatinum hit "Welcome To The Black Parade." The new edition also includes 11 previously unreleased demos and outtakes from the original recording session with producer Rob Cavallo. Among them are "The Five of Us Are Dying," an early version of "Welcome To The Black Parade," and demos of the album tracks "Mama," "Disenchanted," and two versions of "House of Wolves." Five tracks, "Party At The End Of The World," "My Way Home Is Through You," "Not That Kind of Girl," "Emily," and "All The Angels," have never been released in any form.
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition) [3LP]
$36.68 Video ON SALE
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Rage Against The Machine

Evil Empire [LP]

ON SALE $26.98 Vinyl: $24.94 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Limited 180 gram vinyl LP pressing. Evil Empire is the second studio album by Rage Against the Machine, released on April 16, 1996 by Epic Records. It's title refers to a term used in the early 1980s by President Ronald Reagan and many American conservatives to describe the former Soviet Union. Evil Empire debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200, and their song "Tire Me" won a 1996 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance; "Bulls on Parade" and "People of the Sun" were also nominated for Grammys for Best Hard Rock Performance. Formed in 1991, Rage Against The Machine consists of vocalist Zack de la Rocha, bassist and backing vocalist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello, and drummer Brad Wilk. Rage Against the Machine is well known for the members' revolutionary political views, which are expressed in many of the band's songs.
Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire [LP]
$24.94 ON SALE
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The Great War [Import LP]

ON SALE $29.98 Vinyl: $23.69 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Ninth full length studio album from the Swedish power metal band, described as a concept album covering stories from the First World War. Bassist Pär Sundström commented, 'This is the biggest album we have taken on so far; there is so much depth and story around the songs that we never had before'.

Sabaton - The Great War [Import LP]
$23.69 ON SALE
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Stone Temple Pilots

Purple [Clear LP]

ON SALE $24.98 Vinyl: $22.92 Buy

MP3 Album: $20.99 Download

Stone Temple Pilots’ acclaimed 1994 album, Purple, in clear vinyl as part of the Atlantic 75 celebration. Includes the hits “Vasoline”, “Interstate Love Song” and “Big Empty
Stone Temple Pilots - Purple [Clear LP]
$22.92 ON SALE
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Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Blue Note Tone Poet Series. Recorded in 1967, Oblique is one of two quartet sessions the great vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson recorded for Blue Note. Released in 1979, features Herbie Hancock (piano), Joe Chambers (drums) and Albert Stinson (bass). An incredible journey from bops to exploratory sonic poems, with standouts like breezy opener "'Til Then," Hancock's tremendous "Theme From Blow Up" and Chambers' adventurous "Oblique".
Bobby Hutcherson - Oblique (Blue Note Tone Poet Series) [180 Gram]
$36.69 ON SALE
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Touche Amore

Stage Four [Vinyl]

ON SALE $23.98 Vinyl: $19.40 Buy

TOUCHÉ AMORÉ, is a Los Angeles based punk band whose earnest and artful approach to song writing, along with relentless touring, fueled their rise to prominence in the hardcore community. In 2013 TOUCHÉ AMORÉ crossed into new territory with their beloved release, Is Survived By. The band had reached a high point in notoriety when frontman Jeremy Bolm received news that his mother had been diagnosed with Stage Four cancer. With the band’s support, Bolm wanted to go on hiatus to care for his ailing mother. However, as his biggest supporter, she encouraged him to continue on living his dream. So he returned to the road with bandmates- guitarists Nick Steinhardt and Clayton Stevens, bassist Tyler Kirby, and drummer Elliot Babin. In October of 2014 while TOUCHÉ AMORÉ was headlining Fest in Gainesville, FL, the final stop on their tour, Bolm received a call that his mother passed. He went home the next day. Now from a band both living its dream and marred by loss comes their new album Stage Four. Triumphant in sound and cathartic in delivery, Stage Four is a powerfully creative leap for TOUCHÉ AMORÉ. The first single is the catchy “Palm Dreams,” and it’s instantly clear from Bolm’s vocals that TOUCHÉ AMORÉ is breaking new ground: the career screamer is actually singing, in a quite capable sing-speak harmony. The final track, the lush, jangly “Skyscraper,” featuring haunting guest vocals from Julien Baker, ends the album with an atmospheric departure, both sonically and in spirit.
Touche Amore - Stage Four [Vinyl]
$19.40 Video ON SALE
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Wallows / MODEL / The trio - comprised of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston - recently announced their upcoming album, which is set to drop May 2024 via Atlantic Records. Product info: Indie Exclusive vinyl, Solid Orchid/Translucent Orange Crush
Wallows - Model [Indie Exclusive Horizon Colored LP]
$22.92 ON SALE
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Music Theories Recordings is proud to announce the latest live album from Ayreon, '01011001 - Live Beneath The Waves'. Recorded live from a short run of shows in September 2023 at the 013 Tilburg in The Netherlands, this release is a must-have for Ayreon fans worldwide. Ayreon, '01011001 - Live Beneath The Waves' is available everywhere on May 17th, 2024 on 3LP, 2CD+DVD, and Blu-ray.
Ayreon - 01011001 - Live Beneath The Waves (Bonus Dvd)
$16.13 ON SALE
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2022 release. Un Verano Sin Ti is the fourth solo studio album, and fifth overall, by Puerto Rican rapper and singer Bad Bunny. Comprised of 23 tracks, the album is primarily a reggaeton, cumbia and indie pop record, and contains guest appearances from Chencho Corleone, Jhay Cortez, Tony Dize, Rauw Alejandro, Bomba Estéreo, the Marías and Buscabulla.
Bad Bunny - Un Verano Sin Ti [2CD]
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Certified 5 times Platinum by the RIAA (11/93).
Bad Company - Bad Company (remastered)
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Rhino explores this prolific period from the godfathers of heavy metal in a new collection that brings four albums back into print after an extended absence. ANNO DOMINI 1989-1995 will be available from Rhino on May 10 in 4-LP and 4-CD configurations. The set contains newly remastered versions of Headless Cross (1989), Tyr (1990), and Cross Purposes (1994), plus a new version of Forbidden (1995) that guitarist Tony Iommi remixed specially for the collection. - Several albums make their vinyl debut in the LP version of ANNO DOMINI, while the CD version contains three exclusive bonus tracks: the B-side "Cloak & Dagger" and the Japan-only releases "What's The Use" and "Loser Gets It All." A booklet comes with the set featuring photos, artwork, and liner notes by Hugh Gilmour. The collection also contains a Headless Cross poster and a replica concert book from the "Headless Cross Tour." - ANNO DOMINI picks up Black Sabbath's story in 1989, two decades and multiple lineup changes into the band's groundbreaking career as metal originators. At the time, membership had solidified around riffmaster and founding member Tony Iommi, legendary drummer Cozy Powell (Jeff Beck, Rainbow, Whitesnake), singer Tony Martin, and longtime Black Sabbath collaborator and keyboardist Geoff Nicholls (Quartz, Bandy Legs).
Black Sabbath - Anno Domini 1989-1995 (Box)
$39.05 ON SALE
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After the resounding success of their 50th Anniversary celebration, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT is eagerly gearing up for an exciting new chapter in their storied career with the upcoming release of "Ghost Stories." This highly anticipated album marks a fitting finale to the recording legacy of one of Rock’s iconic musical attractions over the past 50 years.

In a thrilling partnership with Frontiers Music Srl, led by pioneering rock afficionado Serafino Perugino, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT is set to captivate fans with a collection of reimagined and completed songs that span from 1978-2016. These musical treasures, long considered the 'lost gems' by Blue Oyster Cult enthusiasts, will include the only known recorded performance of their concert classic “Kick out the Jams” (MC5 cover), making this album a true testament to the band's enduring creativity.

The original lineup members appear on "Ghost Stories," creating a musical journey that traverses decades. Work in the studio on the album was completed by Richie Castellano along with the remaining original members Eric Bloom and Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser. As BLUE ÖYSTER CULT embraces their 'classic rock' phenomenon status, the anticipation for this album is reaching a crescendo. Fans are eager to experience the culmination of the band's artistic vision and witness the completion of songs that have become part of their folklore and the band will also add some of the songs in their up and coming 2024 shows.

With a legacy spanning over five decades, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT continues to be a formidable force in the rock scene. The exciting partnership with Frontiers Music Srl and the visionary leadership of Serafino Perugino add an extra layer of anticipation to the release of "Ghost Stories." As the band bids farewell to their recording career, they do so with a flourish, offering fans a musical odyssey that is sure to leave a lasting imprint on rock history. A remarkable journey in rock history.

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT	 - Ghost Stories [CD]
$12.13 ON SALE
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Steve Cropper

Fire It Up

ON SALE $15.98 CD: $12.99 Buy

The term "Guitar Hero" is bandied about loosely these days. Seems like all you have to do is look good holding the thing and you qualify. But if you ask the actual guitar heroes---like Brian May, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton---who THEIR Guitar Heroes are, Steve Cropper is definitely on the shortlist. If all he had done were the records with Otis Redding that would be enough, but shortly thereafter he was leaving his fingerprints on records by Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave, Johnny Taylor, Albert King, and virtually anybody worthy who came within earshot of Memphis. He was a Guitarist's Guitarist, and a Songwriter's Songwriter. Fire It Up is Steve Cropper's first album of new Soul/R&B material in 10 years. The album was produced by Steve and Jon Tiven, and will be released worldwide on April 23, 2021 via Mascot Label Group/Provogue.
Steve Cropper - Fire It Up
$12.99 ON SALE
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Crosby, Stills & Nash

Crosby Stills & Nash

ON SALE $14.98 CD: $12.99 Buy

MP3 Album: $11.99 Download

The threesome's stunning debut remastered and expanded with bonus rarities. Features liner notes from Rolling Stone editor David Fricke.
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Crosby Stills & Nash
$12.99 ON SALE
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It Beckons Us All [CD]

ON SALE $16.98 CD: $14.31 Buy

THE NEW, EPIC METALLIC ODYSSEY FROM THE LONGSTANDING NORWEGIAN DUO OF FENRIZ & NOCTURNO CULTO. PRESENTED ON LIMITED PURPLE VINYL WITH PRINTED INNER SLEEVE. With a legacy of audial treasures now spanning more than 35 years & with the fountain of creativity ever flowing, Norway's Darkthrone return with their latest venture through classic riffs & vintage sounding metal in the shape of the epic new seven track studio opus, 'It Beckons Us All'. Seeing the longstanding duo of Fenriz & Nocturno Culto uniting once more, 'It Beckons Us All' follows on the heels of 2022's revered 'Astral Fortress' album, with what could be considered an even more refined, challenging & diverse set of timeless metal anthems from the uncompromising trailblazers; from the melodic, to the sombre & atmospheric, to the blackened dirges emanating from Darkthrone's highly distinguishable riffing, as well as a nod to influences such as Celtic Frost along the way. Recorded once again at Chaka Khan Studios in the band's native Norway, 'It Beckons Us All' was mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, with artwork courtesy of Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak.
Darkthrone - It Beckons Us All [CD]
$14.31 ON SALE
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Banished By Sin [CD]

ON SALE $14.98 CD: $12.93 Buy

New album from the Floridian death metal legends. Deicide is one of the "big three" US Death Metal bands, along with Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel

Deicide - Banished By Sin [CD]
$12.93 ON SALE
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Bruce Dickinson

The Mandrake Project

ON SALE $14.98 CD: $13.03 Buy

Renowned around the world as one of the greatest and most distinctive heavy metal vocalists of all time, Bruce Dickinson will be releasing a brand new solo album in early 2024 on BMG Records. Entitled The Mandrake Project it sees him reunited with long-time musical collaborator and producer Roy Z. The Mandrake Project will be Dickinson’s seventh solo album and his first since Tyranny Of Souls in 2005.

Dickinson explains, “This album has been a very personal journey for me and I am extremely proud of it. Roy Z and I have been planning, writing and recording it for years, and I am very excited for people to finally hear it.”

The Mandrake Project is a dark, adult story of power, abuse and a struggle for identity, set against a backdrop of scientific and occult genius. 

Bruce Dickinson - The Mandrake Project
$13.03 ON SALE
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Fleetwood Mac


ON SALE $11.98 CD: $10.51 Buy

MP3 Album: $11.49 Download

The 1977 multi-platinum RUMOURS is the sixth biggest-selling album of all time, with sales upwards of 30 million worldwide. The LP garnered 1977's Album of the Year Grammy & spent 31 weeks at #1. It includes the four Top 10 hit singles: "Go Your Own Way", "Dreams", "Don't Stop" & "You Make Loving Fun".
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
$10.51 ON SALE

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